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Private training by Power10

Private training is an opportunity to take your fitness, health and wellness goals to the next level

At POWER10 we are devoted to functional training and sustainable fitness. Instead of mindlessly pushing the body, we encourage you to develop a body able to withstand the pressure you place on it, regardless of your stage in life, so you can have longevity in peak condition. Intelligent training means including exercises that mirror the target activity and avoids overtraining muscle groups that lead to injury.

Choose between one-on-one training and semi-private (maximum two people) sessions.

Get in touch with us to get connected to a trainer based on your goal – do you want to improve your rowing techniques? Do you want to run smarter? Is it to feel and work the body, to pay closer attention to your mental health, or springboard off of a personal training plateau? 

We are all about individualized and undivided attention.