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POWER CROSS-TRAIN Targeted, results-driven training

POWER10’s ambitious classes mix up killer cardio and high-intensity muscle shredding with weights and body resistance. (Or sign up for our ambitious one-on-one personal training.)

Cross-Training Classes


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Push yourself in this pure strength and power training class designed to increase muscle strength and power output. Through series of Primal Pattern exercises, over time you will improve your strength, shred your muscles, and get stronger!

This is an advanced class and requires experience in free weight training.



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Improve your fitness and performance in this cardio/strength based and performance monitored class created by P10 fitness professionals. Push yourself to limits you never thought possible in this class which combines high intensity intervals of SkillRun drills, strength, core and weight training in a sweat-inducing circuit.  You will feel like you’ve been HIIT with dynamite!!