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POWER10’s dance maestro, Victoria has been dancing since she was seven, and is trained in jazz, ballet, contemporary dance, hip hop and dancehall. For Victoria, moving her body is an escape route from stress. Victoria moved from Russia to Canada to join the dance performance program at Centennial College, where she also discovered a love of fitness and yoga. Originally, she tried to stick with running, even though didn’t enjoy it, and she suffered as a result. Now, her mantra is that exercise should be fun. “If it’s not, you just haven’t found the right workout for you yet,” she argues. Victoria’s aim in life is to keep her clients fit while they experience joy, not punishment. Her own mantra is to reach goals “through hard work and consistency”. POWER10 “helps people stay motivated by being together, and has such a positive atmosphere,” she says. Expect positivity, jumps, steps, kicks, waves, rolls and more from Victoria’s classes.