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Saeed Osman is a leader in running, group exercise, and personal training. A master in full body strengthening, conditioning HIIT, running clinics and weightlifting, Saeed excels at helping clients become more powerful in regard to form and speed. He’s a talented basketball expert, officiating at Canadian colleges and universities, and a serious (low 2:50s) marathon runner (top 10 overall at the Louisiana Marathon last year). A big high for Saeed was qualifying for the Boston Marathon despite injuries. It was tough, too – he battled with hypothermia to cross the finish line. A University of Toronto health policy and urban planning grad, Saeed is a certified trainer in FitPro, TRX, Spartan SGX, and StrongFirst Kettlebell 1. Despite the serious qualifications, he likes to inject fun and passion into training. He sees Power10 as part of the exciting transformation of Leslieville and Riverside.