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A former track and field athlete, Fiona’s ambition is to unleash each client’s inner runner, improving times, fitness, and encouraging a love of movement at any stage in life. Expect high energy and shooting for your personal best in her classes. A personal high for Fiona was being on the University of Toronto’s national championship team in 2014 as part of the sprint relays and the middle distance relay, who all medalled. She learned from tough moments, too. “I fell and lost my relay team a silver medal, fracturing my kneecap. Even with a knee that ballooned to the size of a melon, the feeling of letting down the team was the toughest part. I had to learn a lot about self-compassion.” Fiona’s other great expertise is naturopathy. A doctor of naturopathic medicine, she co-runs Crafting Balance, a women-focused clinic in Dundas West. Her emphasis is on balancing hormones and supporting digestion. At POWER10 she is happy to be “surrounded by incredible people who elevate the energy in the room”.