About us

POWER10’s got the brains as well as the brawns. Our elite instructors are proven stars in their field. We have varsity rowers, running champions and expert personal trainers and instructors in our tribe. But they are also extremely humble and happy to share the highs and lows of their personal paths to fitness.


Founder, High Performance Exercise & Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Reza has a decades-long track record of coaching and educating clients on health optimization and weight loss. His insatiable interest in functional fitness, holistic nutrition and weight management has served an elite group of athletes and top executives in Toronto and Europe – who have consistently seen long-term benefits from assessment to maximal functioning and post-rehab. Featured as a fitness expert on Men’s Health Magazine UK, Tonic, and other international publications, Reza is a trusted source in the fitness industry.



Matthew is a dab hand at rowing, cross-training, and pick-up basketball. His enthusiasm for rowing stems from his passion for self-improvement and his belief in the beauty of a sport where everything is measurable. “Rowing gives you an objective benchmark of where your fitness stands, where you previously stood, and numerical goals to strive for.” he says. Excited to share his expertise with Power10 members, he believes that our high-performance facility is well positioned to introduce the previously neglected activity of rowing as an important component to personal training.


Rowing, HIIT, Running

Meaux’s passion, dedication and love for movement is shown through her own experience as a former elite athlete and movement specialist. Specializing in Running, HiiT, Yoga and Rowing, Meaux brings energy to her training approach while connecting participants to their mind and body. Highlighting sports that help fine-tune everyday functionality, a session with Meaux will take that dreary ‘work’ feeling out of your workout and energize you for the rest of your day.


HIIT & Private Training

Emily’s love for fitness stems from her experience playing soccer for 10 years. She believes fitness truly transforms people’s lives for the better as it has for hers! Emily will push and help you to embrace your inner warrior!

Emily loves to safely mix heavy weights with explosive movements coupled with energetic music which is guaranteed to have you wanting more!


HIIT & Personal Training

Abadi’s journey into fitness started when he moved to Canada eight years ago, started breakdancing, and couldn’t stop! Since then, his passion for fitness and body movement has grown exponentially. “I became fascinated with what human bodies are physically capable of,” he says. Abadi has completed a degree in kinesiology and is currently completing his degree in osteopathy. Being a CPTN certified personal trainer Abadi works with his clients of all fitness levels and ages. He describes his training approach with clients as ‘holistic’, assessing on-floor posture and essential movement patterns before prescribing training so as to prevent MSK injuries.Actively listening to clients and understanding their reasons for getting fit is the key to activating people’s fitness journey, he believes.


HIIT & Rowing

Megan’s passion for fitness stems from her belief that movement is the best medicine for both your physical and mental health. Her experience as a spin and HIIT instructor has given her the opportunities to inspire others to keep active, especially during the pandemic. Megan also strives to cultivate a strong sense of community in her group workouts. “The support you feel when you are surrounded by others who are working hard and cheering you on is empowering”, she says. With Megan’s classes, you can expect high energy and party playlists to help you crush your workouts!