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POWER RUN Ambitious, state-of-the-art running

Our indoor running programs use the newest technology and innovative Technogym SkillRun treadmill. The well-rounded focus on speed work, endurance, pyramid circuits and meticulous mechanics will train you like never before. Former national-level track and field athlete Fiona Callender and marathon coach and runner Saeed Osman will lead you through drills of speed and power which will help you get fit or even go further and reduce your race times.

Running Classes


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If you are just starting out this is the class for you. Our knowledgeable instructors will take you through an intro on how to use the equipment, proper running mechanics and also a plan to be able to participate in our other classes and modify if you need to. We want you to know that all of our classes are available for all levels and you should feel comfortable in any of them to go at your own pace. Stick to the training and you will be asking for harder classes before you know it!


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Allow the show-off in you to explore speed and power. How fast can you go? ROCKETRUNNERS is about running fast for short intervals with resistance work added to ramp up power. Rests include plyometrics, core work and more strength-building exercises. Class sled pushes and parachute drag runs are part of the fun!



An intense endurance class, SPEED DEMONS is about longer runs at higher speeds (and shorter rests). Speed endurance builds running efficiency and is a necessity for all of you competitive types, expect an early burn! State of the art Skillrun treadmills allow for natural movement and accurate adjustment so the focus can be honing in on form while pushing through the lactic burn.


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An exercise in endurance intervals, SURVIVAL builds stamina on a physical and a mental level. Work intervals get longer as rest intervals get shorter. Brief recovery splice high intensity runs to give you a hot and sweaty feeling of accomplishment. SkillRun Treadmill technology allows your trainer to see how your body is responding and allow them to make minute adjustments to help with your training response. Each session is personalized and optimized to you. Your endurance will be put to the test with our incline/decline system that is used for survival hill training.