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Rowing is the anchor for our high-performance gym, and we believe it is the holy grail of fitness. There’s no better, safer, full-body workout. Our team leading the class using Skillrow machines create the thrill of a real boat race with electrifying team workouts. You row together in synchronicity in a motivated, supportive group.
Utilizing MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY, SkillRow adds a further resistance to the air resistance which enables the users to change the equipment mode from cardiovascular to power training by simply adjusting the resistance level.

Rowing Classes


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P10 crew teaches the fundamentals of the rowing machine to a small group of first timers or ‘refreshers’. If you want to use the rowing machine safely, effectively, and efficiently, you cannot miss this introductory session!

Strong & Long

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Fabulous for those who are new to rowing and looking to build on what they learned in GET A GRIP. In this class a sustained cardio row challenge is implemented for people looking to build their cardio base and activate that fat-burning capacity. Expect a warm-up followed by 20-30 minutes of continuous endurance rowing with minimal breaks.

Speedy Oars

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Sweaty, short, high-intensity bursts that build top-end speed and power output in a variety of work-to-rest ratios. Following a warm-up and review of technique, expect high intensity training while the music surrounds you and drives you to work harder! The group setting will push you and the group synergy and motivation is contagious. Utilizing short sprints and higher stroke rates this heart pumping class is for those who are confident with technique and want to push the limit.

Ramp it up

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For those seeking diversity of movements and exercises, this class entails a warm-up followed by rowing intervals spliced with challenging body and free weights, stability, strength, core and flexibility work. This class will hit you from every angle and leave you absolutely drenched.

Row & Flow

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When you can’t decide what to do between rowing drills or power flow this class is all you need. You will start off with a rowing warm up and progress to strong and long endurance challenge mixed with some sweaty interval work. At around the 30 minute mark you will hop onto the yoga mat and continue the strong and long journey with a series of flows and yoga posture sequences that correspond to the muscles you used while rowing. The end result is a feeling that you worked to the max and stretched it all out!   That feeling of Zen will last for the rest of your day!