What Are Your Hours?

Mon-Fri 6AM-8PM
Sat 8:30AM-1PM
Sun 10:30AM-12:30PM

Where Are You Located?

635 Queen Street East No. 100

Do You Have Dedicated Parking?

We don’t have dedicated parking, however there are lots of street and public parking nearby. TTC streetcar stop is across from at our club!

Do You Have Childcare Services?

No, unfortunately we don’t.

Do You Have Locker Rooms?

We have lockers with built in, easy-to-use digital locks. We also have separate changing rooms, complete with toiletries and a shower per change room.Due to COVID-19, we are not able to accommodate the use of our showers.

What Are Your Club Rules?

All participants must create an account with Power10 on our website or our APP prior to their first class or other services that we provide.

We reserve the right to release any rowing machine or treadmill that are not signed in for 5 minutes before a class begins.

In order to hold the rowing machine and treadmill, we ask that you call to let us know you are on your way if you are running late. The front desk will hold a rowing machine and a treadmill until the class starts. Rowers and runners who arrive after the class starts will not be admitted into class. In order to cancel a class reservation and return it to your account, you must unreserve 12 hours prior to the class time or you will be charged a credit or $15 fee if you’re a member. You can cancel by logging into your profile online, on our App, or by calling us directly.

We are not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen at our premises. If you plan on leaving class early, we ask that you please tell the Instructor ahead of time.

What Are The Power10 Commandments?


01 – No Street Shoes Past Front Reception Area

02 – Use Lockers For Valuables Instead Of Bringing Personal Items Into Training Area Or Studio

03 – Gum, Food And Glass Bottles Are Banned From Training Area And Studio

04 – Profanities, Or Racist Or Sexist Comments, Will Not Be Tolerated

05 – Wipe Down Equipment With Cleaning Solution After Use

06 – Return Used Towels To The Towel Bin

07 – Power10 Is Not Responsible For Loss Or Theft

08 – No Audio Or Video Chats. Mobile Devices Must Be On Silent Mode

09 – Observe Personal Hygiene

10 – Positive Vibes Only

Are You Hiring?

We are always accepting applications for all positions, even if we don’t currently have open spots. Please contact us at shout@power10fitness.com

Do I Need To Create An Account?

Yes. It’s important for us to know who’s attending our classes and using our services and therefore to have your contact information. Adults can create an account online on our website or our App. If you’re under 18, you can create an account in person provided your parent or guardian is present.

How Do I Book A Class?

You may book classes online or via POWER10 app.TO book personal training or other services please email us at shout@power10fitness.com

Please make sure you’re subscribed to our updates so you’re the first to know when our schedule goes live.

Do You Offer A Monthly Membership?

Yes, we have unlimited membership and multiple limited memberships. Please visit our website for details of all of products and services.

Can I Put My Account On Hold If I Have Sessions Or A Monthly Membership?

Yes, you would have to give us a written notice and/or in person and reason why you’d like to place your membership or credits on hold. Our staff will then discuss with you your options.

When Does My Membership Or Session(S) Activate?

All monthly memberships, Personal Training, and credit sessions activate on the date of purchase.

Do Multiple Session Passes And Single Sessions Have An Expiry Date?

Yes. At POWER10 all credits and sessions have an expiry date. The expiration dates are posted in the descriptions of the credits and sessions. If you’d like to purchase a power gift or to buy a session, please click HERE

My Friends And I Want To Take Our First Class Together. Do We Need To Create Our Own Accounts To Sign Up?

Yes, each new person must create an account and agree to our Terms & Conditions before their first class or other services that we provide.

How Does It Work When I Get There?

If it’s your first time, check in with the front desk. The staff will help you sign-in and give you a tour of the club.

What’s The Cancellation Deadline?

The deadline to cancel any class is 12 hours before the class time. The deadline to cancel personal training and all other services is 24 hours.

What Is The Cancellation Penalty For Sessions & Unlimiteds?

Any no-shows or cancelations after the cancelation window will result in the loss of the session. Unlimited memberships will receive a $15 cancellation fee.

How Far In Advance Can I Book?

Classes can be booked 1 week in advance. All other services can be booked at any time.

Do You Offer Corporate Rates Or Private Bookings?

Yes, send a note to shout@POWER10fitness.com with your request and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

Do You Offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, you may purchase most of our services and products as Email Certificates and send directly to the recipient of your choice.

Can I Buy A Session And Then Give It As A Gift?

No. You cannot sell or transfer your session or membership to someone else.

Can I Redeem A Session And Get Cash Back Or Merchandise?

No. When you buy a session, you are only entitled to use that pass to book a class or a service at a particular time. You cannot redeem your session for cash or merchandise.

Will I Be Able To Reserve A Specific Spot In Class?

Yes, you can reserve a spot for our Rowing and Running classes.

May I Book Any Power Class Using my credits?

Yes, you may use your credit to book any of our classes except for Personal Training, InBody Analysis, Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessments.

What Are Power Classes?

Power classes are exclusive to POWER10 Fitness.

To read more about our classes please click here: POWER10 CLASSES

How Old Do I Have To Be To Attend A Class?

You can attend our classes if you are 13 or older, but you must be accompanied by an adult until you are 18 (excluding private group rowing class bookings)

If I Arrive Late, Can I Still Take A Class?

Out of respect for your fellow classmates, we start classes on time and do not allow latecomers. We are firm with this policy because many classes begin with an introduction that includes proper form and technique required to be successful in the class.

Do I Have To Book Online Or Can I Just Show Up?

All bookings MUST be done online or on our App.

What If I Can't Do Everything In The Class? I Haven't Worked Out In A While.

Our instructors will guide you through and help you perform at a level that is suitable for you. With every class comes increased confidence and strength, so we encourage first timers to go at their own pace and have fun.

How Is Rowing Different From Other Fitness Classes?

Rowing is a full body exercise that uses virtually every muscle in the body. It elevates the heart rate to provide cardiovascular benefits. It activates 85 percent of the body’s musculature. It will work your core, upper and lower body, tone your muscles and strengthen your back. Rowing is a safe no impact exercise that is suitable for everyone!

How Many Calories Are Burned Per Class?

It depends on the weight of the individual, intensity and duration of the workout. Research indicates that on average, indoor rowing can burn from 510-750 calories in a moderate to vigorous 60-minute workout that includes body weight interval training.

What Do I Need To Wear?

We suggest wearing a tee or tank on top and form-fitting pants or shorts on the bottom.

Do You Have Water Or Do I Have To Bring Mine?

Our Reverse Osmosis filtered water dispenser (touchless) is free if you need to fill up your bottle.

Do You Provide Yoga Mats For Yoga Classes?

We have some yoga mats for purchase but we recommend you bring your own yoga mat.

How Early Should I Come?

If it’s your first time with us, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your class or appointment. Please note, that if you have not signed in 5 minutes before the class starts, you may lose your spot. If you are running late please give us a call and we will hold your spot until the class starts.

Do You Accept Cash?

No, all our transactions are processed online via credit or debit card.