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More than a gym, Power10 is a community that embodies strong values. This includes venturing beyond fitness and towards a nourishment of the spirit.

We devote time to social events and talks in our space, to keep our like-minded crew growing in knowledge. We also look beyond our four walls, offering Power10 Retreats at secluded and coveted locations worldwide through our sister company Purescapes. Offered twice yearly, our small group retreats are exclusively for up to 20 of our members.

For more than a decade, Purescapes has set the gold standard for fitness holidays around the world. Winter retreats take us to the Caribbean, while Summer retreats generally take place in Europe. Expect an array of fun sporting activities, personal training, highly individualized attention, holistic therapies and health-giving nutrition.

While on pause during the global pandemic in 2020, retreats will return in the near future. 



Taking wellness challenges with colleagues is proven to pep up office morale, and rewards hard-working teams with much-needed endorphins. Our corporate challenges create camaraderie, mutual encouragement and, sometimes, hilarity. We create the challenge and bring the good vibes – you just bring your people. We recommend rowing for team challenges because it induces both competition and collaboration. Plus, you get to blow your colleagues out of the water.