Additional Terms & Conditions


This document must be read and completed prior to utilizing the Services or attending the facilities for the first time.

Power10 Fitness appreciates your cooperation in following the Covid-19 protocols set out below and elsewhere that have been established to protect guests, staff, customers and our community.  These protocols have been established based on recommendations from the Ontario Health and Safety Association and is guidance documents, and from fitness industry body recommendations. Power10 Fitness is offering in-person classes and private training asked on the assurances guests make to Power10 Fitness and to each other in this document and on each visit to the Facilities.  Accordingly, any false statements could result in Power10 Fitness being forced to deny access to the Facilities for guests.  Guests agree to observe and fully abide by all rules, procedures and guidelines set out by Power10 Fitness.  Power10 Fitness is taking prudent steps to impose and enforce appropriate protocols to keep guests, customers, staff and others safe, but there can be no assurance that the virus will not be contracted while participating in Services or in attendance at the Facilities.  This is a risk that each person must assess themselves when deciding to utilize the Services or visit the Facilities. By completing and submitting this document you agree to the following:

1.You hereby declare that neither you nor anyone in your household has experience any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (including, without limitation, fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory difficulty or respiratory illness). If you or anyone in your household experiences any cold or flu-like symptoms after submitting this declaration, you will not then visit the Facilities for at least 14days after said symptoms have ceased.

2.You hereby declare that you will inform Power10 immediately if you or anyone in your household experiences cold or flu-like symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19 after submitting this document.

3.You hereby declare that if you or any members of your household has travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days or will be travelling outside of Canada after submitting this document, you will obey all government regulations and restrictions with regards to COVID-19 that may be in place at any given time.

4.You agree to inform Power10 of any changes to the declarations in this document occurring after this document is submitted, by sending an email to

5.Power10 has worked hard to ensure the safety of guests, customers staff and others utilizing the Services and Facilities. You acknowledge that entry into and use of the Services and Facilities is done at your own risk.

6.You acknowledge that you have read and understood all the rules, regulations and policies established by Power10 with respect to Covid-19 and confirm you will abide by them.

You hereby release and forever discharge Power10 Fitness from any all liability for claims of any kind, including for injury, death, or damages of any type related in any way to the Covid-19 virus or diseases caused by it.