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Toronto has unveiled a thrilling new space. An experiential, immersive fitness hub bringing state-of-the-art indoor rowing, running and weight training to your doorstep. Expect revolutionary lighting and sound, total immersion and an experience like no gym you’ve known.

Rowing is the holy grail of fitness, and the anchor for our high-performance space. There’s no better, safer, full-body workout. The Skillrow machines allow you to feel the thrill of a real boat race during electrifying team workouts. You’ll row together, in synchronicity, in a motivated, supportive and tight-knit group. If rowing is not your bag, POWER10 offers indoor running clinics, top-grade personal training and a timetable of inspiring talks.


Our indoor running uses the impressive SkillRun machine. They focus on speed work, endurance, pyramid circuits and meticulous mechanics, and function as a bonafide running club so you can set your pace and gradient amid others.

POWER10’s ambitious classes deliver killer cardio and high-intensity muscle shredding at a furious pace using weights and body resistance. One-on-one training is ambitious and passionately results-driven. POWER10 is not about bringing the sexy back to working out. It’s about using knowledge-based programmng to go next level. Whether you’re rowing, running or training, you will not work alone. With unrivalled expertise, we will show you the real meaning of team effort.

The mightiest will not be left unchallenged. But nor will those who see themselves as “ordinary” or “unfit” be denied the sculpted physique and love of life they crave. Expect to get shouty. Expect to get primal! Expect a body positive, endorphin-fuelled staff with zero attitude and maximum welcome.


Reza came to revere rowing – the signature activity of POWER10 – by following the research-based instincts of his always-questioning engineer’s mind.

For a well-rounded, full-body workout without wear-and-tear, rowing remained unrivalled, he realised. What would it feel like, he wondered, if you took that basic truth, and teamed it with state-of-the-art technology, cheerleader trainers, a passionate and fun-loving community and the immersive energy of a nightclub-like experience? It worked for yoga. It worked for spinning. Why not rowing? So POWER10 was born.


Toronto entrepreneur and nutrition & fitness expert Reza Niam is an eternally positive, self-confessed health and fitness geek with an insatiable drive for attaining ever-higher levels of personal vitality. He feels he was born to help others do the same. While resolutely anti-fad, Reza loves to learn and try out new, as well as tried-and-tested, workouts and technologies as he pursues personal excellence.

Reza started out as an engineer working with some of North America’s most respected companies. In the early-2000s, he turned his health drive into a career change, devoting himself to studying functional fitness and the role of holistic lifestyle in health. He never looked back. Early ventures included Canadian distribution for LivingFuel, an all-natural superfood, and launching Purescapes Retreats, which brings small groups to inspirational locations globally to transform clients’ health through activity, learning and nutrition.