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We are a fitness hub with state-of-the-art indoor rowing, running, and private weight training in one space. Expect an experience like no other gym you’ve known. You come here to sweat, escape the ordinary routine, soak up high energy, rip muscle and reap the benefits.

Power10 Classes




Rowing is the anchor for our high-performance gym, and we believe it is the holy grail of fitness. There’s no better, safer, full-body workout.
Techonogym’s Skillrow machines use Multidrive Technology™, which adds further resistance to the air resistance which enables the users to change the equipment mode from cardiovascular to power training by simply adjusting the resistance level.In all of our classes, you row together in synchronicity in a motivated, supportive group.

Rowing Classes


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For those seeking diversity of movements and exercises, this class entails a warm-up followed by rowing intervals spliced with challenging body and free
weights, stability, strength, core and flexibility work. This class will hit you from every angle and leave you absolutely drenched.


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When you can’t decide what to do between rowing drills or power flow this class is all you need. You will start off with a rowing warm up and progress to strong
and long endurance challenge mixed with some sweaty interval work. At around the 30 minute mark you will hop onto the mat and continue the strong and long
journey with a series of yoga sequences that correspond to the muscles you used while rowing. The end result is a feeling that you worked to the max and
stretched it all out! That feeling of Zen will last for the rest of your day!


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Fabulous for those who are new to rowing and looking to build on what they learned in GET A GRIP FORM. In this class a sustained cardio row challenge is implemented for people looking to build their cardio base and activate that fat-burning capacity. Expect a warm-up followed by long segments of continuous
endurance rowing with minimal breaks. Intervals of strength training and core work will be worked into the program to promote strength and stamina.
Get ready to get STRONG and LONG!



POWER10’s functional High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Strength classes with free weights and body resistance will shred your muscles and make you stronger while improving your cardiovascular endurance and fitness. You can also sign up for our one-on-one private training.

Cross-Training Classes


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Improve your fitness and performance in this cardio/strength based and performance monitored class created by P10 fitness professionals. Push yourself to limits you never thought possible in this class which combines high intensity intervals of SkillRun drills, strength, core and weight training in a sweat-inducing circuit.You will feel like you’ve been HIIT with dynamite!!


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This HIIT routine is designed to increase strength and endurance for the entire body – combining strength exercises weaved in with SKILLRUN training that mostly targets the lower body. This class will push you to the max and give you the maximal metabolic boost!


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Push yourself in this pure strength and power training class designed to increase muscle strength and power output. Through series of Primal Pattern exercises, over time you will improve your strength, shred your muscles, and get stronger!This class utilizes free weights.



Our indoor running programs use the newest technology and innovative Technogym SkillRun treadmill. The well-rounded focus on speed and hill training, endurance, pyramid circuits and meticulous mechanics will train you like never before. Our instructors will lead you through drills of speed and power which will help you improve your running technique and get fit or even go further and reduce your race times.

Running Classes


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If you are just starting out this is the class for you. Our knowledgeable instructors will take you through an intro on how to use the equipment, proper running mechanics and also a plan to be able to participate in our other classes and modify if you need to.Stick to the training and you will be asking for harder classes before you know it!


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An intense endurance class, Running Clinic is about longer runs at higher speeds (and shorter rests). Speed endurance builds running efficiency and is a necessity for all of you competitive types, expect an early burn! State of the art Skillrun treadmills allow for natural movement and accurate adjustment so the focus can be honing in on form while pushing through the lactic burn.



Our Flow classes are designed to encourage you to follow a series of movements that will help to improve your flexibility and overall health, and reducing muscle tension in your entire body.

Flow Classes


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Our flow classes will not only make you a better athlete, it will also help you avoid injuries. In our power vinyasa class – vinyasa meaning to “flow” and to “move without resistance” –you will explore and challenge yourself through dynamic, fast-paced flows that build strength, endurance, and improve your total fitness. With constant focus on synchronizing breath to movement, enjoy the mental benefits of keeping both the body and mind present on the mat. All levels are welcome.


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In our restorative yoga class, expect to restore your energy, release tension from the body, and focus on the quality of your breath through a series of slow paced poses. The intention is to relax as far as possible into postures and give our bodies mindful rest. Restorative yoga accelerates our natural healing process, and is considered particularly beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, or other stress-related conditions. All levels are welcome.


Private training is an opportunity to take your fitness, health and wellness goals to the next level

Private Training


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At POWER10 we are devoted to functional training and sustainable fitness. Instead of mindlessly pushing the body, we encourage you to develop a body able to withstand the pressure you place on it, regardless of your stage in life, so you can have longevity in peak condition. Intelligent training means including exercises that mirror the target activity and avoids overtraining muscle groups that lead to injury.Choose between one-on-one training and semi-private (maximum two people) sessions.Get in touch with us to get connected to a trainer based on your goal – do you want to improve your rowing techniques? Do you want to run smarter? Is it to feel and work the body, to pay closer attention to your mental health, or springboard off of a personal training plateau?We are all about individualized and undivided attention.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

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Sleep, stress, nutrition, digestion and exercise are very interconnected, but it can be tricky to piece together the jigsaw and understand how to apply it to one’s everyday life. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) is about observing patterns, identifying problem areas and revealing personalised solutions. You’ll learn how to eat to achieve your goals based upon your individual traits such as metabolic type. You will learn the tools to balance stress and tackle unhealthy nutritional habits. A better-functioning immune system and improved wellness are waiting!